When embers new single is dropping


Vocaroo s0IkKSAq52Co


Vocaroo s0oyJwqNFJQL


Caution: Files with a warning sign (⚠️) contain hysterical laughter or screaming. Enjoy. :)

Name Sound
Just Like That
Vocaroo s0ghf7fBcLvj
Apj Very Smooth
Vocaroo s0RPhY1P1PUh
Vocaroo s0mR3U0Wkjk0
Vocaroo s1Kcicdejzhx
I'll Be Back, CP Wiki
Vocaroo s1kKXSO4bvv1
Always Remember, Watatsuki
Vocaroo s0C8gZQ51hNx
Ember's Commercial Deal
Vocaroo s1b8GYVNpubv
Track You Down
Vocaroo s1LMJs8PzhRJ
Let's Do This
Vocaroo s1wiBVhGFKTx
Give Me Your Cake
Vocaroo s1KOo6xP3chz
Pronouncing for WikiaFrog
Vocaroo s1xh8JWcUYb7
The Name's Seth
Vocaroo s1FLZmpqhx9N
Vocaroo s0ZEKKUUcWxL
Vocaroo s1IkfCzUi2Mn
My Kind of Meal
Vocaroo s1b8O8X25rPs
I Was Going to Get It
Vocaroo s1fwCh57H4AN
Goth Impression
Vocaroo s1xvT1SPGYlA
Don't be that Depressed
Vocaroo s1ZNcMTcr9OI
Mary-ann Lucy
Vocaroo s1OePvGRXWUi
High and Low
Vocaroo s0Jc5Ldj5l9M
Would I Get Accepted
Vocaroo s1tx7u8W2ews
Loud in The Loud House
Vocaroo s01ZN0KBpNlA
Lincoln, Where Are Those
Vocaroo s1qqZECfCMJD
Tomboys Always Act Boyish
Vocaroo s1JAJ90ed7jW
House Is Certainly Loud
Vocaroo s1D44WY24rCC
Not a Funny Joke
Vocaroo s1bBI6rO4tXM
Where Are Those Guys
Vocaroo s0XvuUOssNOY
My Name is Ember
Vocaroo s0YsY8T7iZYx
Good Day Mate, What's Up
Vocaroo s0dmYw5xQ5JG
Love You Again
Vocaroo s1g7t40YnYR4
Take Over Your Body
Vocaroo s1tcm17cEqpv
Azarath Metrion Zinthos
Vocaroo s0Jb2NfB5btn
Azarath Metrion Zinthos
(with enthusiasm)
Vocaroo s1xLDtnZxvHg
This is my Australian Accent
Vocaroo s0f8wdiHUyqL
Fishy, Fishy
Vocaroo s03mBbXoW7kP
My Name is Bubbles
Vocaroo s1RiZdUGewPi
Voice Sounds Natural
Vocaroo s199Cob2hqmA
Get Him Back Here Now
Vocaroo s14CQobdAN6S
Ember Contemplates Life
Vocaroo s0EFjMF8QLoy
Pronouncing Usernames
Vocaroo s0YVYCqgbIUF
We're in the Rebellion Mate
Vocaroo s1sdTfc1anGv
Can I Eat Your Soul, Please ⚠️
Vocaroo s1c6pceaxW0l
New Mixtape
Vocaroo s0IwrkFb1upm
Business Decisions are Hard
Vocaroo s1GskivcvnMg
I Need Your Soul Now ⚠️
Vocaroo s174F58SkhS0
Don't Play with Your Soul ⚠️
Vocaroo s1RTJDdhRej5
I'm a Teenage Girl Yo
Vocaroo s0U1UTUIQ0dN
Are You Gonna Save My Heart
Vocaroo s1vE89E2oZ43
Come Here
Vocaroo s1V55vDXfUd1
Let's Get Dangerous
Vocaroo s13Dwn9ZwYab
Please Understand
Vocaroo s1o3pabicW0W
I'm an Animal ⚠️
Vocaroo s184rnmRoFyq
What's Happening to Me ⚠️
Vocaroo s1M9z8qaWXNX
Done with My Mixtapes ⚠️
Vocaroo s0OzFtkjaAYO
The Loud House Cast
Vocaroo s0StpcwcW6Pb
Hi, Lincoln
Vocaroo s1YoF5ff1Cml
Ready for the Custard Movie™
Vocaroo s0ykBYg3I854
Embold Schwarzenrio
Vocaroo s0380Nn07qVR
Spoiler Alert
Vocaroo s0YbrVInEUDC
If You Can Do It, I Know You Can
Vocaroo s1NvUwENlwnt
My Name is Resident
Vocaroo s0JbMLGsWgQw
I'm Miss Sanrio
Vocaroo s1PDk5hqicCE
Thoughts on WikiaFrog? ⚠️
Vocaroo s1Kkvi1wUuVX
Hey, You Dongis
Vocaroo s13PQDx8J3Nf
Hey you, Kawkeet
Vocaroo s0ZC5fM7cvLy
Ember Has a Dream
Vocaroo s0WCZU7PyufX
Cartoon Kid
Vocaroo s0nzeasDoe74
Julie Audition
Vocaroo s0W7RznPjLQz
My Voice is, uh, usually
Vocaroo s1LOS9T4XWPf
Interesting Voices
Vocaroo s1FRfV33qLS6
The Almighty Splaat
Vocaroo s1hdVVcznrnK
Seth Impersonation
Vocaroo s0k7WwUuS6Mp
Join the Splaat Club
Vocaroo s0n5nbcKPdCR
Bee Movie Script
Vocaroo s0OPExA2k6XL
Watatsuki's Profile
Vocaroo s1ZUF2ygZq5H
Help ⚠️
Vocaroo s1v06StCcieY
How's Your Ears? ⚠️
Vocaroo s15kVpkXWa1Z
Marshadow, Where Are You
Vocaroo s1vYtXmtajHC
Marshadow, Where Are You 2
Vocaroo s14fG1vucyjs
Sinnoh, I Need You
Vocaroo s1IpadcKKfrY
Message Him
Vocaroo s1cmgRyZ4QCt
(heavy breathing)
Vocaroo s09L1vkEXQau
Watatsuki Being Mean
Vocaroo s1m0ERSrv2G2
Hi There, App-jay (Apj)
Vocaroo s17QctzhF303
Admin Impressions
Vocaroo s1jlp15PJeq8
Custard and App-jay
Vocaroo s0Ri7DppdjjA
My Name is App-jay ⚠️
Vocaroo s0dJZQS3hnYa
Crazy Kind of Crazy™
Vocaroo s19eSoLeoo8m
Twink Again, Nitwit
Vocaroo s1O5YFKetgeq
The End ⚠️
Vocaroo s1Q3w95Xo5Eu
Vocaroo s1S9arGkCfU9
Bobbi Jean Rieger
Vocaroo s0aZqJXWh0ne
Vocaroo s02mNgGap3Uj
I'm Ember
Vocaroo s1Kij5BRrUC8
Vocaroo s1n50ZhjGsqC
Vocaroo s10rfUvcFFlI
Vocaroo s1GJjBi8nKwc
Vocaroo s1PHXOnmXmnj
Pixie and Custard Slap
Vocaroo s0pOcgXdzNa2
Ember Slap
Vocaroo s0wA7YO8Akfj
Ember, Thoughts on Our DMs?
Vocaroo s0jNl2WmRsGV
What's Poppin', Jimbo?
Vocaroo s1PE1W8TPzWn
Freaking Normies Get Out ⚠️
Vocaroo s0WEjbwjxG7o
Dog and Cat ⚠️
Vocaroo s1MFBaEFjCIP
You're Too Kind
Vocaroo s1GNomjMmwsZ
You're Too Kind
(with enthusiasm)
Vocaroo s086QfzWCNPi
Ha ⚠️
Vocaroo s0wFVsJtlCo4
Custard Impersonation
Vocaroo s1n3LHJGg8uT
You Idiom
Vocaroo s1D4Ou2zWCHz

Mixtape 🔥🔥🔥

Title Track
Disco Girl
Vocaroo s1nFdMzLc7nE
Don't Start Unbelieving
Vocaroo s1zccMo2HdzM
Taking Over Midnight
Vocaroo s16GyoA1Y8fz
Taking Over Midnight (cont)
Vocaroo s018zc69Ojxa
Meet Again
Vocaroo s1CQDG4tBaSw
Lamby Lamby Dance
Vocaroo s132BnQ30O56
Gravity Falls (unused theme)
Vocaroo s19CqQw6OTSB
Steven Universe
Vocaroo s0GDHZi3UQ6V
Not Worthless
Vocaroo s0FUTxudMZzy
Stop Stop
Vocaroo s0LWxZC2fAOR
My Only Talent
Vocaroo s07yccwiPOg6
Trouble Rapping
Vocaroo s14fyfPiKCLe
So Much on the Line
Vocaroo s1vvZl7d3JtR
Vocaroo s1RfTvjTauRU
Got to Think
Vocaroo s1hfchZmOh45
The Loud House
Vocaroo s0BQFpfwfn31
The Loud House (full version)
Vocaroo s054Sa8HOSkx
Coming Through Your Mind
Vocaroo s0OcwQJWaEGW
The Loud House Credits
Vocaroo s0AGu1Qpm7Tf
The WikiaFrog Show
Vocaroo s1qdNUlUVRxp
The WikiaFrog Show 2
Vocaroo s1FX9i93Msaz
Vocaroo s1sDRmGXwUAT
It's the Nutshack
Vocaroo s1SYs51m7uXv
Song for Seth
Vocaroo s0WPTLjKglt7
Song for Seth 2
Vocaroo s0INxcq1MjDu
Cake Rap
Vocaroo s1NIXNPDdFLN
Dancing Cheese Productions Rap
Vocaroo s1IZHFaVM2kr
Of Course
Vocaroo s12a6gyeEjbi
A New Hope
Vocaroo s1zoTyNAZsRy
Song to CPW
Vocaroo s1LgFMVAmi1H
I Love Gay
Vocaroo s1a5yIltW9bJ
I Love Gay 2
Vocaroo s1LretnsJetK
Colorful Anime Girl Song
Vocaroo s1h7fpDn4gg1
Almost Hot Mixtape
Vocaroo s1VP9Ls2eFwb
Club Penguin Wiki Song ⚠️
Vocaroo s0svBQfuFJW8
Twinkie Song ⚠️
Vocaroo s1stlEAmePIb
I Love App-jay
Vocaroo s1g3zTGogHel
Colorful Anime Girl Song (again)
Vocaroo s13ghsgZsVg1
Peace Out, CPW ⚠️
Vocaroo s0HmgKQtPuFf
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Vocaroo s194QsZ6XWDY
I Love App-jay So Much
Vocaroo s13sxBXud7L4
Japanese Song
Vocaroo s12K7sWCNZZB
Japanese Song 2
Vocaroo s0TpxfljnBSx
Japanese Song 3
Vocaroo s1DsnKI6KJVO
The WikiaFrog Show 3
Vocaroo s0Q7FY21PKy3

heres some more lol

Title Track
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